Yachting is not only about sailing or cruising around the world. It is about combining the knowledge, energy and passion about what the whole yachting industry has to offer.
Thus, it is art.


At Aris Drivas Yachting, our primary goal is to make luxury yachting a highly enjoyable experience for all our clients.

As a respected and experienced member of the international yachting society,

Aris Drivas Yachting has a team of professionals who represent all clients at the world's premier yachting events the whole year round, ensuring to best service while keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry.


As a full-service boutique company, Aris Drivas Yachting has been a leading force within the yachting industry since the company's establishment in 1972.

Providing clients with exceptional service, we specialise in charter, sales, construction, refit and full yacht management.


When you have pure beauty, amazing scenery and the warm touch of the brightest sun in the world on one hand, and the integrity, 45-year experience and professionalism of Aris Drivas Yachting, on the other, then, without a doubt, you are meant for the most exceptional, luxurious, and most of all, unique, experience of your lifetime.
Take a step. Make some memories. Let us be your guide.


With our many years of experience and a meticulously vetted network of suppliers and partners, we pride ourselves on enjoying long-term relationships with yacht owners, managers and concierge companies worldwide. We are absolutely dedicated to every aspect of the art of yachting, aiming to provide our clients with prompt, reliable, and discreet services.

Over the years, Aris Drivas Yachting has developed into its current form as a result of the needs and desires of our clients. We have expanded over time to provide every clients with expert advice and advocacy in building, managing, buying, and selling yachts. Our highly skilled team has an exceptional understanding of the global yachting industry and has established professional relationships that reach across cultures and continents alike.

Whether it is chartering the finest yachts, chartering before purchasing a yacht, buying a vessel with the best resale value or building the brand-new, technologically advanced yacht of your dreams, we have the expertise to guide you through all of your yachting needs. Aris Drivas Yachting simply offers the best, offering extensive experience combined with a clear focus on the future.

We pride ourselves on being a new-generation yachting company, with a rich history going back nearly four decades. We are passionate about our services, which are second to none. We are fluent in the art of yachting.