Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.
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What is MYBA?

MYBA stands for the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. It is a worldwide organization originally founded in 1984, with the aim of promoting standards of professionalism and ethics within the yachting industry. MYBA only extends its membership to brokerage firms with stellar operational records of professional excellence. 

How can Aris Drivas Yachting assist me in buying or selling a yacht?

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Aris Drivas Yachting knows the market and has the right caliber of connections to assist you in finding or building your new yacht and the means of helping you find a buyer for your current yacht. As MYBA members, we exercise a standard or professionalism that will make this transition a smooth and enjoyable one.

How is a charter different from a seaside resort or a cruise ship?

A charter offers a level of personalized service not found anywhere else. The crew exists to serve you and your guests from the moment the charter begins. You and the captain decide the itinerary, which can be adjusted to your preferences. The chef will also work with you to decide when you dine and the menu, which the chef will prepare to your palate. In addition to aiding you in relaxation, most charters can also allow you to stay in touch with your business, if necessary, by offering the latest office technologies including internet, fax machines, SAT phones, printers and more. Confidentiality, if desired, can be ensured through a non-disclosure clause in the charter contract. Unlike resorts or cruises, a charter offers an exclusive level of privacy and flexibility that allows you to visit different locations while unpacking only once. 

Will I be able to host a party on board the yacht?

International maritime law allows yachts to carry no more than 12 passengers, unless they have special registration. If you are planning on a party, please let us know and we will locate a yacht with this special registration that allows more guests for you. 

Will the chef cater to special diets and food allergies?/

As a member of the crew, the chef works exclusively for you and will cater to any special dietary needs or food allergies. The preference form, sent to you by your broker, helps the chef plan for diets and other needs ahead of time. This form is very important and allows the chef to plan meals in advance, in addition to allowing you to state any preferences in wine and food. 

Are children allowed on board?

Yes, children will be allowed on board. In fact some yachts cater specifically to their presence and have cabins already picked out for them, furnished with stuff animals and some toys. The crew however cannot provide babysitting services, though arrangements can be made to have a nanny or au pair on board, if necessary. 

Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is rarely permitted inside the yachts. However, a majority of charter yachts will allow smoking on the outside deck areas. 

Will I need to carry my passport with me at all times and will I need a visa?

All guests should carry a passport when travelling abroad, but they will only be required for customs and immigration at ports of call. Different countries carry different policies and your broker will be able to advise you on these. Visas, if necessary, are the responsibility of the charterer and must be secured in advance to the embarkation. Yourbrokerwillbeabletoansweranyquestionsregardingthis, aswell. 

How do I book a charter?

Once you have decided upon a time period and a yacht, the charter broker will draw up the appropriate MYBA contracts for you to sign. Upon signature, a deposit amounting to half the total charter fee is due. The balance of which will be paid one month prior to embarkation. If there is an expense advance due to the yacht, this will be sent to the charter broker along with the charter balance. If the preferred itinerary requires the yacht to embark or disembark from its home port, delivery fees may be required. These charges, if applicable, will be confirmed in advance to the charter Agreement and will be added into the contract. 

Are pets allowed on the yacht?

Most yachts do not allow guests to bring their pets onboard because of the rigid cleanliness standards and potential allergens a pet may leave behind, though a very few yachts do make exceptions. However, traveling can be stressful for both pets and owners, with potential quarantine periods imposed by some countries and ports of call, pet motion sickness and the stress of travel and sailing. Please ask your broker for more information regarding individual yachts and their policies. 

Should I buy insurance for the charter?

In the charter agreement, there will be details for insurance provisions. The owner’s policy remains in effect during the charter period. 

How much should Itip?

 It is customary to give from 5 to 15% of the total charter fee to the captain to distribute among the crew. Crew members work extremely hard to make your charter a success and an appropriate tip shows your appreciation of them.

What is the minimum length of a charter and how are the rates calculated?

Charter rates are generally quoted for a weekly basis and can start any day of the week, however some yachts have day rates and will charter for periods shorter than a week. Usually though, a charter period lasts a week. Charters longer than seven days will be calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate divided by 7 and multiplied by the number of days. A charter commences at noon on the first day and terminates at noon on the last day. Times may be adjusted to allow for the travel of the passengers at the captain’s discretion. Different yachts have different rates for periods throughout the year and some rates are adjusted according to the number of passengers. You can find the rates for individual charter yachts on this site. 

Is VAT applicable on the charter fee?

Commercially registered yachts are generally tax exempt. Please note, however, that due to European Union tax legislation, Value Added Tax (i.e. French TVA and Italian IVA, etc.) applies on the gross charter fee for charters taking place in EU waters on commercially unregistered or private yachts. 

What is included in the charter rate?

The charter rates that appear on this website are based on MYBA terms, which imply that the yacht will be provided with all the necessary equipment, proper insurance, and managed by an experienced crew to the charterer. The charterer is responsible for all other operating expenses. These terms may vary by yacht and your broker can provide you with specific information./ 

What is the APA and how will it be calculated?

APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance and allows the yacht to pre-stock the ship with food, fuel and other necessary amenities prior to the guests’ arrival. The APA is equivalent to 25 or 30% of the total charter fee and it is due upon the final charter payment. It covers the operating expenses of the yacht, including fuel, food, drinks, and port fees. Any difference discovered will be dealt with upon disembarkation, in the case that the APA was too much or too little to cover the operating costs. 

Will the yacht’s water toys and diving equipment be available for my use?

Certain countries will require a certificate of competency in order to use jet skis, waverunners and scuba diving equipment. Before embarkation please consider who will want to use such devices. If no one has the proper license, we can arrange for an instructor to come onboard during the charter to issue a certificate. All expenses due to the instructor are the charterer’s responsibility and the availability of such instructors is not guaranteed. All operation of personal water craft must meet local operating regulations. 

Will I be able to dive directly from the boat?

 Some yachts come crewed with fully qualified dive instructors and carry the necessary scuba diving gear. If the boat does not come equipped with the necessary gear, then arrangements can be made with local dive schools. Be sure to bring your diving certificate with you.

Can we be involved with the sailing of the yacht?

 All of the charter yachts come fully crewed, but if you wish to help hoist the sails, crew members would be happy to show you how. 

What will the yacht supply for the guests?

All yachts supply linens, towels, sun creams, hair dryers and usually toiletries, aswell. 

Will the yacht have an internet connection?

Yes, internet has become very commonplace onboard. WiFi can be found, though it is not guaranteed. Please tell your broker if you need a wireless internet connection for business or any other purposes. 

Is it difficult to get into major yachting ports?

During peak season certain popular destinations may be crowded and arranging berths may be a little difficult. We advise that you book your charter in advance in order to ensure easy docking, however some ports may only take bookings three days in advance. Your broker will be able to advise you on these special case ports. 

Can they acht cruise at night?

 Yes, depending on the weather, your itinerary should permit sailing at night

Can the captain arrange excursions ashore and tour guides?

Yes, your broker can also ably assist you in these arrangements prior to embarkation and provide you with information on the various locations and places of interest you will visit on your charter. Once on board, your captain can assist you with excursions. 

Will someone pick me up from the airport?

 Yes, if desired, we can meet you at the airport and arrange transportation to the yacht or a hotel. 

Can Aris Drivas Yachting arrange transportation and private jets?

Yes, we can assist you in any travel arrangements and anything else that will help in the success of the charter.