There are very few pleasures in life that compare with owning a fine luxury yacht. Even fewer pleasures compare with having one built according to your dreams and wishes. When you have us on your team, it will be an exciting experience that you will recall fondly -- and maybe even want to repeat.

When you decide not to buy an existing yacht, but rather to have a custom vessel built, you join a small, exclusive, and privileged circle of people who have the creativity -- and patience -- to see their yacht designed and created specifically for them. It is a long but entirely fascinating and rewarding process, absolutely worth the time and investment.

Because building a large yacht involves large amounts of money, every choice along the way must be thoroughly thought out and carefully planned. Nothing should ever be left to chance.

Aris Drivas Yachting will work alongside you and guide you in every decision. We will dedicate ourselves to the fulfillment of your dreams, ensuring that you get exactly what you want with the best possible conditions in terms of both time and money.

Our brokers will give you expert advice on the best yacht types and sizes, construction and interior decor materials, naval architects, designers, financing, and legal matters.

We know very well what makes a successful charter yacht or private long-range cruising yacht. We will make sure you avoid big and small mistakes – in both the building and the subsequent operation of your vessel -- by proper and thorough planning and construction supervision.

Based on extensive personal yachting experience and vast market knowledge of successful and unsuccessful projects, our brokers will be able to advise you on every aspect, from an optimal layout and interior arrangements, to crew quarters and storage space. With our broad understanding of what sells and what adds value to a yacht, we will also recommend elements to maximize the resale value of your vessel.


Luxury yachting is continuously influenced by new design trends and technological breakthroughs. Our aim is to lead you successfully through a series of comprehensive choices towards your yachting dream.
There are many shipyards throughout the world that produce custom and semi-custom yachts, and their numbers are constantly growing. When considering where to have your yacht built, it is very important to have as your ally a Broker who can introduce you to the strengths and weaknesses of various builders, so that you can make a well-informed choice.
Your Brokers at Aris Drivas Yachting will assist you in this process by offering a custom-tailored short list of shipyards capable of meeting all of your crucial requirements. With our sound market knowledge, we are also able to bid and negotiate contracts to your best interest.
The selection of your designer will very much depend on you aspirations. Do you want to build a semi-custom yacht using an existing design based on a proven hull and superstructure, or is it your goal to create a totally new concept based on your unique requirements? According to your vision, our team will recommend the best naval architects and exterior and interior designers who have the talent, experience, and skill to implement your expectations. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the details of a yacht's design may directly influence construction cost, yacht speed, and performance


What exactly is the work of a Project Manager?
 Guided by your wishes and vision, a professional Project Manager finds the most suitable specialists for every task, be it exterior design, naval architecture, interior planning and decoration, hull painting, or electrical works. He or she then supervises the entire process from beginning to end, always making sure everything is done to your complete satisfaction.
Your Project Manager will act as a liaison between you, the yard, and various subcontractors, clearly communicating your requirements and decisions and making sure that every element of the project is handled on time and to the highest standards. The Project Manager also serves as a buffer between your team and the Shipyard should any dispute arise.


Your Project Manager will ensure that the end result of the project is the luxury yacht of your dreams, launched according to the approved time schedule. Detailed delivery protocols will be employed so that the yacht is thoroughly tested and checked. If there are any faults or failures, we will see that they are resolved by the yard immediately.

Our team will oversee the construction process through to the successful commissioning and delivery of your yacht. We will participate in the sea trials and the preparation of your vessel for its operational life. In addition, we will be on hand during your yacht's guarantee period, facilitating liaison with the yard in the case of any performance failure.

We will also advise you on flag or registration, classification, and other regulatory aspects of your yacht's operation.


  • Assistance in shipyard selection
  • Bidding and contract negotiation
  • Review of yacht's proposed layout
  • Review of yacht's technical specifications
  • Owner's liaison with shipyard, designer, suppliers, and crew
  • Selection and appointment of surveyors
  • Financial management
  • Management of certification and compliance
  • Implementation of ISM and ISPS
  • Preparation of yacht's operational life
  • Selection of flag and registration
  • Oversight of sea trials, commissioning, and delivery
  • Crew selection and management
  • Warranty support