Summer charters to North America display an abundance of culture, history and nature. Alaskan summers reveal the rich biodiversity of “America’s Icebox” where salmon, bears and wild deer all live off of the clear glacial waters. On the Eastern seaboard, picturesque houses, American history and artist colonies characterize New England. The openness of Maine’s coastline balances the rich urban life of New York City. A trip to New England can be easily tailored to suit either an environmental interest or more cultural endeavors.  


The pristine landscape of the Alaskan territories hosts a variety of natural wonders, including Glacier Bay, 24-hours of straight daylight in summer, and roaming herds of reindeer. The endless daylight ignites parties that last around the clock and form part of the Summer Solstice Festival. The marvel of Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America, can be found in Denali National Park, home to protected wilderness and a great place to hike and go white water rafting. 

New England

The Eastern United States shore is lined with destinations to fit any type of itinerary, whether searching for the natural sand dune beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts or the big city life of Boston and New York City, New England has it all. You can journey north to the quaint coasts of Maine and feast on local lobster or travel south and explore the inlets and quiet beaches of Virginia with the rolling Appalachian Mountains in the background. American Historical sites abound, well preserved battle grounds can be found along the coast for both the American Revolution and Civil War. A mecca for culture and industry, New England has much to offer.