Some owners (usually of smaller yachts) choose to entrust the complete operational management of their yachts to their captains. We feel strongly that this is not the way to ensure the successful management of a vessel.

This is because it is extremely rare that one person – in addition to having the skill to captain a yacht at sea and oversee all of its systems – can perform excellently in all the areas required to manage a yacht properly, including communication with authorities, shipyards, and suppliers; crew selection and its leadership; and accounting and financial management.
In short, it is unwise to entrust a multi-million-dollar property to the hands of a single person as it is very unlikely that he will be able to show excellent performance in all the above. Management of a large yacht is a complex task that requires considerable work on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to protect and maximize your multi-million-dollar investment and to see that your ownership is always pleasurable, carefree, and absolutely safe.


The selection of the appropriate registration is a very important task that needs thorough consideration before a decision is made. Depending on your specific needs, we will arrange expert advice for you to cover the issues of VAT, flag, type of use (pleasure or commercial) and cruising areas, and you will receive thorough information regarding the benefits and disadvantages of every option.

We will also facilitate the securing of the chosen registration and flag with the appropriate maritime authorities. In addition, we will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of insurance for your yacht, depending on registration, use, and cruising areas. Rules and regulations have become very complicated and it can be easy to choose an insurance plan that is either overpriced or provides insufficient coverage – both of which can lead to unnecessary losses.


We offer a wide range of operational services including cruise and voyage planning, weather routing, fueling and supply of lubricants, arranging for berths and canal transits, and supply of provisions and stores in all regions.

We have an extensive network of local agents who handle customs and immigration formalities for our yachts.


We will put together an annual budget for the operation and management of your yacht and keep a dedicated bank account for it, handling the financial management and providing you with periodic reports.


Consolidated accounting ensures complete transparency and efficiency. Revenue from charters can be used to pay crew salaries or to offset the costs of planned maintenance.


It is very important to reduce disruption and unnecessary costs by prudently scheduling service inspections and maintenance. Our technical specialists are in charge of this complex task.

They will be in constant touch with your captain and chief engineer and will also facilitate interaction with the classification society, flag state, and other regulatory bodies.